Arch-enemy of doorframes and low ceilings!

Luca-Jean Kelly

Sporting absurd horned headgear and an equally ridiculous childhood nickname, Luca-Jean Kelly burst into the local cosplay scene in 2014, running into every doorframe and unexpected corner on the way. Living a nocturnal lifestyle and never seen in daylight without cosplay in tow, she enjoys building costumes, talking about her cats, and geeking out over her button collection.

Best known for her original design The Sorceress (3rd place in Halcon’s Artisan category in 2016) and her take on Lady Loki, Luca can often be spotted ducking low ceilings at several local conventions, including Halcon and Animaritimes (and now here!). The last couple years she’s been running panels teaching others to join her in creating completely impractical costume head gear and rebelling against a world defined by typical bodily proportions.

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