Traverse Davies

Geequinox Guest Writer.

Traverse Davies

Traverse is the guest writer at this year’s Geequinox. He will be debuting his Jenny Dark Series of books which are Dark Urban Fantasy/Horror

Traverse was raised by a pack of wild hippies, during the seventies and eighties when such creatures roamed the forests unfettered and free. He discovered a love of books at an early age, and that love has only grown over the years. After years of working in IT he decided to branch out in the activities he did while hunched in front of a glowing screen tapping at a keyboard and added writing to his task list.

His skills outside of programming and writing include Taekwondo, Wilderness Survival (sort of), Ninjutsu, Parkour, Drawing, Photography, and crappy Photoshop work. He has lived in various countries, although he currently resides on the east coast of Canada. He is obsessed with post apocalyptic survival and subverting as many genres as possible.

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