Robyn Durling



Robyn started her costuming journey in 2011, when a friend encouraged her to check out a little event called Hal-Con. As a long-time lover of Halloween, costumes, and videogames, Robyn jumped at the idea of creating a geeky costume. After a successful first year at Hal-Con, Robyn had caught the Cosplay bug and wanted to go bigger and better. She gravitates towards costumes that test her skills, and encourage her to learn new ones. She’s created large mascot suits, wings, and masks, and is always looking for something weird and unusual to build.

Robyn is part of the wonderful Hal-Con Street Team, and spends many weekends in costume doing fundraisers, charitable events, and good causes. Robyn is always excited to get her picture taken and meet fellow cosplayers, geeks, nerds, and fans alike. Feel free to stop and say “Hi”.

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