Kevin St. Pierre

What're you lookin at BUB?

Kevin St. Pierre

Back by popular demand!

A mild mannered plumbing contractor by day, and facebook addict by night, Kevin St. Pierre has been an avid cosplayer and family man. He first “SNIKTED” his way into The Wolverine claws back in 2010, and what started out more as a fluke, has turned into a full time hobby.

Kevin prides himself on transforming himself into the characters cosplays. With the help of some talented photographers and lots of practice he has transformed himself into what many people you’ve never heard of have called “The Real Wolverine” “…straight off the pages of a comic book”.

“You are the most badass wolverine there is, and I’ve seen A LOT. Everything I say here is a compliment, you’re short, you got a face made of testosterone, there’s hair on your forearms and you’re built like a damn grizzly bear. If wolverine were real he’d WANT to be you”

Not one to take himself very seriously, he is “adamant” that cosplay is about having fun, and making new friends. He has appeared previously at Geekquinox, Hal-Con, Atlanti-con, Capital Cosplay, East Coast Comic Expo, Sci-Fi on the Rock, Comicpalooza in Houston, TX where he got to meet Stan lee and most recently attended Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA.

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