JB Monge

Artiste Extraordinaire!

JB Monge

Jean-Baptiste Monge is a French Fantasy Illustrator who currently lives in Montreal, Canada with his wife Margo.

A member of the illustrious Society of Illustrators of NY, he is an award winning artist whose creations have been used by companies like Blizzard Entertainment (book illustrations for Diablo), and Disney!

Born in Brittany, land of Celtic myth and legend, JB Monge developed his enchanting fantasy and fairytale illustrations surrounded by the rich inspirations in the areas he grew up in.

He is the creator or collaborator of almost 20 books. His distinct style makes his works instantly recognizable.

His inherent whimsy leaves no stone unturned! Every type of creature strikes a pose for him, fantastic, dreamlike, grumpy, scary and magical . He make us connect with childhood imaginings , a vivid and innocent dream world for us to enjoy.

Having founded Studio Goblin's WAY to self publish his artwork in books and prints, JB also does digital painting, 3D sculpt and offers his skills and experience to Animation Studios.

We are super thrilled to have him as a very special guest at this year's Geequinox!


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