Hal Hilden

Comic Writer!


Hal's early comic writing works include issue #1 of MacSorly: RCMP, Dreamland 2047 #1 (co-creator owned) through Red Leaf Comics. He and his frequent collaborator Andrew Clark have recently completed a solo issue of The Leaf vs The Memphre through Red Leaf Comics. Hal is also finishing up an eight page story of Beetle Girl for Lucky Comics, and is trying to talk Andrew into penciling it.

Hal's first pro work was creating and penning Political Power: Stephen Colbert, through Bluewater Comics. The comic is the unauthorized biography of the satirical political pundit and host of the Emmy-winning and recently ended Colbert Report, and now the host of The Late Show. He has also dabbled in animation scripting, having penned a spec script for the now-defunct Wetsand Animation.

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