Fox Lidstone

Local Cosplay Hero!

Fox Lidstone

Fox Lidstone first began collecting Indiana Jones gear and started “gearing up” for Indy-themed photos, videos and gags back in 2007 (long before he’d even heard the word “cosplay”) …but in 2010 he got his first real taste of the cosplay culture when he attended the rebirth of Hal-Con; an event that would open up a world of new friends, new experiences and opportunities and, of course, new cosplay ideas!

As a lifelong Harrison Ford fan, it wasn’t long before most of his cosplays were either characters Ford has played (not only the aforementioned Indiana Jones, but also several versions of Han Solo and Rick Deckard) as well as certain characters with some of that same, smarmy tough guy attitude (like Booker DeWitt from BIOSHOCK Infinite).

He’s proud to be affiliated with a number of great local cosplay groups that do fine work but can most often be found doing public appearances and Fundraising (for a number of great causes) with Hal-Con’s Official Cosplay Street Team, the SUPER FRIENDS. Fox was also humbled to be included among the “Local Cosplay Heroes” at last year’s 2016 Hal-Con.

But while he’s a familiar face on the local cosplay scene, this is his first year appearing as a Cosplay Guest at GEEQUINOX and he sincerely hopes you’ll stop by to see him, say ‘hi’ and maybe get one of his photos –or, jump in and get a photo WITH him!

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