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Cartoon Conrad

Cartoon Conrad Productions is an animation studio focused on creativity and bringing ideas to life. Centered around owner Luke Conrad and his amazing team, Luke began his career working at several studios in Eastern Canada, first as an animator, and then later, moving into lead and supervising positions.

In 2003, Luke opened the doors of Cartoon Conrad Productions. Over the past fifteen years, the company has grown into a thriving, robust enterprise, employing dozens of incredibly talented animators, painters, and effects artists. Continuously evolving Cartoon Conrad's business strategy to stay current with today's clients, Luke has led the company into becoming one of the most reputable studios in Eastern Canada. Although CEO duties take up much of his time, Luke continues to remain integral to the heart of the company by overseeing all projects personally.

Cartoon Conrad currently provides services for broadcast television series and specials, theatrical movies, content for broadcast advertising, interactive multimedia content and animated gaming, to name but a few. Some of Cartoon Conrad's recent productions can be seen on Netflix, Nick Jr., Cartoon Network, YTV, CBC, Disney XD, Teletoon and many more. Located in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, the studio currently encompasses multiple buildings in a beautiful woodland area, ensuring a productive, natural setting for both artists and clients.

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