Calder Kibyuk

Steampunk Artist Guest!

Calder Kibyuk

Calder Kibyuk of Kibyuk Studio is an artist based out of Ottawa, ON. Originally from the windy shores of New Waterford on the Isle of Cape Breton Nova Scotia, Calder studied visual art at Nova Scotia’s College of Art and Design earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts. During his studies, Calder’s interest in sculpture grew – particularly as he learned more about different eras and styles.

The work produced by Calder under Kibyuk Studio is a unique blend of his interests including in sea life, space and machines. Often likened to steampunk, much of Kibyuk Studio’s inspiration is drawn from natural life with an eye on the surreal. He likes to blend the earthbound creatures (found on land and in the sea) with the mechanical and the intergalactic.

Through Kibyuk Studio, Calder’s work has reached new heights and distances – being shipped all over the world and finding homes in international collections. In galleries, at conferences and online, Kibyuk Studio continues to stretch and flex it’s creative muscles through experimentation, sharing his ideas and practices online through Instagram, @KibyukStudio.

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