Alisyn O'Leary Envoy

Atlantic Furries


The Atlantic Furries community encompasses all 4 Atlantic Provinces. From the east coast of Nova Scotia, all the way to towns like Miramichi New Brunswick. The Atlantic Furries have welcomed myself and countless others into a welcoming friendly fur filled community full of art, costumes, love and respect.

The furry community is one full of artists big and small. From traditional art and digital; sewing and crafting, it all revolves around our mutual love for anthropomorphic animals! Myself, having only been in the community for a little over a year, am proud to represent the community in such a strong proud light, there are other members in the atlantic community that have been holding us up in the shadows for a long time! And for their dedication to our community I couldn’t be more thankful.

As a fursuit artist and maker, I take pride in every costume I make, fursuit or Cosplay. I started cosplaying back in 2013 and from that moment on I knew cosplaying would be a huge part of my life. With incredible people behind me, their support took me to where I am today, a proud member of both communities and not wanting it any other way, my biggest motto is usually “the more fur the better!”

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