Demons et Merveilles


Born in the witches’ woods of the Berry, France, Ar'no brings you a vision of excess and mystical decadence, playing with flesh and minds alike while taking you on an imaginary journey through the forgotten corners of your soul. Fantasist, Image maker, concept developer, visualist & crafter now living in Halifax, if inspired by your quest, he will bring your ideas to life. Just... be careful what you wish for...

Published artist, est. since 2001, when he first opened his art studio in France, Ar'no has been developing concepts and visuals for a variety of media & clients from the movie industry to the metal scene, using any skills necessary to incarnate his visions: digital arts, concept design, photography, sculpture and more.

But now a new Grimoire is being written, inked by pleasures and inspired by visions of other realms through HG Imagery, Inhabited by the haunting folklore of the Necrosphores, the Creatures and Tales of the Multiverse... and its seducing Temptresses.

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