Andrew Clark

Comic artist!

Andrew Clark

Andrew has been the head Art Director for since 1998. Working on both mascots and props for TV and stage productions. Andrew enjoys this work, but his true passion is comic books.

Andrew has been in the independent comic industry since 2007 when he launched his own webcomic, “A Slice of Fate” which ran until 2013. Since then he has done some work for Red Leaf Comics, including his first work with Hal Hilden on a small story called Ministers of Magic, but has primarily focused on his creator owned comic “Adam” (For Mature Readers). Two issues of Adam are available now with issue three expected to launch by May 2017. “Adam” follows a rather ignorant blowhard by the name of... you guessed it, Adam. Recruited by the creators of all things, Adam acts as their hunter and hit-man to kill off their mistakes as only he can do. Besides issue 3 of “Adam” Andrew is also nearing completion of the art for The Leaf vs The Memphre from Red Leaf Comics.

Andrew also sells prints,commissions, and original pieces.

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