Costume Contest

Rules and Criteria for the Costume Contest


The schedule has not yet been announced. Check back soon!



Major visible elements (dress, shirt, pants, armor) can be purchased but must be altered in some way.


Minor visible parts can be purchased (under clothes, hat, gloves, weapons) but must be altered in some way. All major parts (dress, pants, armor) must be made in their entirety by the individual entering the competition.


All visible parts must be made primarily by the individual entering the competition (shoes do not need to be made). Any entrant who makes 50% or more of their living doing costuming must enter this category.


Because you made us smile ! Everyone is automatically entered into this category.


Commission costumes (not made by you) or purchased costumes without alterations only qualify for the Serendipity category. We reserve the right to promote or disqualify any entry without explanation.

PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED. Stay tuned for prize information or follow us on our FACEBOOK page.